2011 collection

Captivated by the ideas of time and memory I have revisited some of the same themes that inspired my previous work to create my new collection, No use in crying over spilt milk. But now the intricate patterns and entwining branches of old have given way to bent and broken linear structures caught in a stage of transformation. It is a body of work that explores the beauty of the impermanent, imperfect and incomplete.

Evidence of this can be seen on garments that accompany the collection. Braided iron wire and silver form decaying fragments that continue to age and rust, staining the wearer’s clothing with sepia memories of what was once present. These imprinted reminders reflect the images and personal experiences I select and isolate in my jewellery. I recreate those that are most fleeting: the minor and hidden, the subtle and evanescent. The viewer must look closely at the work to discover the intimate details, such as the glint of yellow gold hidden within the rusting strands of wire that are only visible when worn against the skin. 

Shards of etched metal and moss encased in a fragile shell of enamel are found scattered throughout the collection, to serve as further reminders that nothing lasts forever. My collection requires acceptance of the fact that jewellery alters, breaks apart, changes colour. Time leaves scars, erodes, and ultimately turns everything to dust. No use in crying over spilt milk captures this essential fragility of materials, memory, and mortality.